Day Tour

Tikling, Pipit, Maya, Kuling, Pagatpat, Pakiskis
Maximum Capacity: 8 Persons
Price per day: Php2000

Ma. Capra, Tariktik, Martines, Pulangga, Kulasisi, Kilyawan, Lawin, Kalapati, Bato-bato, Loro, Pugo
Maximum Capacity: 15 Persons
Price per day: Php3000

Kabayan Beach Resort Day Tour Managed Buffet at Php1200 per head
*Minimum of 30pax to avail of buffet*
House Rules
1) Check-in time:
• Day Tour: 8:00AM-5:00PM
• Overnight 3:00PM-1:00PM
2) Day Tour Entrance:
• 200php/head 12years old and above.
• 100php/head 11years old and below.
3) Corkage fee for all beverages, wines and liquor may vary
4) Meals are Mandatory for Corporate Outings of over 30pax (Daytour & Overnight Stay)
Bringing of Videoke, Magic Sing, Sound System and the like are strictly prohibited.
Bringing of Gasul, Stoves, Cooking Utensils such as Pots & Pans are not allowed inside the resort.
*Prices are subject to change without prior notice